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IF you are interested in scheduling a phone consultation, please first email a short summary of your health concerns and your goals for our discussion. In this way, I can clarify how I may be helpful and we can proceed from there.

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Dr. Nathan would be happy to sort through your laboratory work and review your symptoms and health history to help you to understand what may have missed in terms of diagnoses or treatments and to provide direction as to how to move forward and to understand the bigger picture of your illness. The majority of patients who use this service have had a lot of testing and seen many health care providers but do not feel that they are progressing and feel they are missing something or going in the wrong direction for treatment. To this end, he can work with you and your physician so that he/she can follow through on Neil’s recommendations. Then we can schedule follow up consultations with you and/or your physician as necessary. Please understand that at this point, I can’t guarantee that we can see you as a patient at the clinic.

That aside, Dr. Nathan is accepting a few new patients who are appropriate to his clinical practice. We always begin with a phone consultation. The consultation allows for you and Dr. Nathan to ascertain if you can communicate well and work together towards your better health. If you and the doctor decide that becoming a patient at his clinic in Redwood Valley is the best option, he can suggest labs/tests before your initial office visit and you will be able to get started right away with treatment.

If you want to first learn more about Neil and his work, we have updated the website to include many of the blogs that Neil has written along with professional and personal information. For educational purposes, Neil also has a radio show on Voice America, The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today. You can find the link on his website. The podcasts are all archived and may give you additional information about your health concerns.  And Neil has his books, Mold and Mycotoxins, On Hope and Healing (available on the website) and Healing is Possible.

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For established patients of the clinical practice only

 Redwood Valley Clinic

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For patient appointments: Call 707-485-6900 or email:

For prescriptions and/or questions:   email Neil at

As of May 1st, 2016, Dr. Nathan is pleased to announce that his medical office is relocating to join Drs. Robert and Karla Gitlin in beautiful Redwood Valley, California. The new office, (which is about a 60 minute drive North of  Santa Rosa) has a long history of serving the people of Redwood Valley and Ukiah providing holistic and integrative medical services and has a lovely rural setting surrounded by vineyards.



Thank you Redwood Valley Clinic….so happy to be here!


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