Neil honored for his work in Methylation

Dr. Nathan is honored to have been the recipient of the First Annual Rich van Konynenburg Award from SHEICON just two weeks ago. (SHEICON is the Seeking Health Educational Institute Conference coordinated by Dr. Ben Lynch). Dr. Nathan worked with

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The Amazing Potential of FSM

  The Amazing Potential of FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent)   I was honored to present several hours of lecture at the most recent FSM Advanced Course and Symposium, held in Henderson, Nevada fromMarch 30th-April 1st and I would like to

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Letting Some Patients Go

   LETTING SOME PATIENTS GO           It’s been a tough week for me. I am struggling with what to do with a few patients who are not making progress, and wondering if I am the right physician for these patients.

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New Concepts for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome For the full text of our paper, click here: On August 31st, 2016, our research paper was finally published which represents, we believe, a major breakthrough in the understanding and treatment possibilities for

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Effective Cleaning by John Banta, CIH

Banta, CIH July 2, 2016 510-769-7230 ext 306 Effective Cleaning Most house cleaning is aimed at making the home look clean, but is ususally ineffective at removing small particles such as residual mold spores and fungal fragments. Vacuum cleaners

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Rich von Konynenburg Award 2016

  I was delighted to be present when Dr. Stephen Genuis received the Second Annual Rich van Konynenburg Award from SHEICON in April. Dr. Genuis has published dozens of papers on the toxicity of our environment and how it is endangering

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Dear Valued Patients

Dear Valued Patient: By now you should have received a notification from Gordon Medical Associates that I am departing from my home-away-from-home for the past seven years in Santa Rosa. While this is true, please be rest assured that I

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Treatment Fatigue

Please talk about treatment fatigue in general, in particular, what are your options if your body cannot tolerate antibiotics, maybe the liver function is limited? By “treatment fatigue” I assume you mean that a specific patient cannot tolerate ongoing standard

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How Do You Know if You Really Have Lyme Disease?

Why do patient symptoms vary so much? Everyone seems to have different symptoms so how can we be sure we all have Lyme disease? There is virtually no illness in which a specific disease manifests the exact same way in

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Dental-Related Chronic Illnesses and Heavy Metal Toxicity

An excerpt from Chapter 10 of Healing Is Possible: New Hope for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Persistent Pain, and Other Chronic Illnesses by Neil Nathan MD The Tooth, the Whole Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth Why did the Zen Buddhist

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How Long Will Treatment Take?

When new patients make their first appointments, they usually have many questions about how long their treatment will take. Understandably, they get frustrated when we cannot answer those questions with any kind of specificity. Here’s the problem: Before we actually

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