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As of May 1st, 2016, Dr. Nathan is pleased to announce that his medical office is relocating to join Drs. Robert and Karla Gitlin in beautiful Redwood Valley, California. The new office, (which is about a 60 minute drive North of  Santa Rosa) has a long history of serving the people of Redwood Valley and Ukiah providing holistic and integrative medical services and has a lovely rural setting surrounded by vineyards.

For appointments: Call 707-485-6900

or email: redwoodclinic@gmail.com

For prescriptions and/or questions:

email Neil at rvc.drnathan@gmail.com

         It is time for me to move closer to home so I can spend every night with my beloved Cheryl (and our 3 dogs, Kai, Joey and Jesse and our cat, Lucia). This will also enable me to devote more time to writing, research, teaching, and to my radio show.  I regret that this does mean that I will not have the same availability as previously. There will be a waiting list set up at the Redwood Valley office and unfortunately I do anticipate that this list will be substantial.

Appointments can be made by calling or emailing the Redwood Valley Clinic at 8501 West Road, Redwood Valley, CA, 95470. Phone number: 707-485-6900, FAX: 707-485-6909. Email:  redwoodclinic@gmail.com. My new email address for questions and prescription refills is rvc.drnathan@gmail.com.

This is all new and evolving, so please check this site for additional updates. I anticipate making this site more interactive, so look for new blogs, information, seminars, radio show postings, etc.

With gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity I have had to work with each of you, I hope I have been of service, and send my sincerest wishes for a healthy future.

Thank you,