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Current Evaluation and Treatment

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 on August 10, 2016
WOW! As a CFS and Fibromyalgia specialist and author, I know many of the key experts in the field. Dr Nathan is one of the very best. He has integrated the very complex mold work of Dr Ritchie Shoemaker, and distilled it down to an easy to read and understand approach that gives you what you need to get started now. Loved the book so much, I will be beginning his protocol in several of my patients soon. I highly recommend this book for both health practitioners as well as anyone who has a poorly understood illness. Outstanding!!!


on July 27, 2016

“Mold & Mycotoxins: Current Evaluation and Treatment 2016” is a unique opportunity to learn about the evaluation and treatment of mold illness from one of the top doctors in the world with a focus on complex, chronic illnesses.

The author has been one of my personal heroes for years; not only for his knowledge but also for his compassion and commitment to seeking answers to improve people’s lives. The book allows the reader to see how Dr. Nathan approaches recovering health in some of his most difficult cases.

I was anticipating this book for months, and it did not disappoint. If you have experienced mold illness, this book is a must-read. If you have Lyme disease or another chronic condition, the book is still a must-read as mold is all too commonly a component of many complex conditions. Ask your doctor to read it too as it will only help them in caring for their patients.

The strategies outlined in this book are in large part responsible for my own health recovery from both Lyme disease and mold illness. Christmas has arrived early this year with the gift of Dr. Nathan’s new book!

Light in the Darkness

on August 1, 2016

Having mold illness, Lyme, and co-infections, is nothing short of trying to navigate life in a pitch black maze—every day and every night. As a toxic and sensitive patient, recovering under Dr. Nathan’s care, I’m grateful for the light shed by this book, his other publications, his program “Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness”, and his practice.

This book details current information needed by health care professionals. It is essential education for anyone who has mold illness, Lyme, or both. It is a reassuring resource for patients needing clarification and review. It is also a clear and succinct resource for a sufferer to refer to interested and/or doubtful friends and family.

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan and the few doctors willing to do all they can. Rather than waiting for more information and less controversy in this area of desperate need, (thereby sacrificing sufferers), they are courageously stepping up. In his book, Dr. Nathan clearly shows the ways he is seeking and refining the help he is offering. It is another step toward ending this darkness.




spring is herewistoria

As of May 1st, 2016, Dr. Nathan is pleased to announce that his medical office is relocating to join Drs. Robert and Karla Gitlin in beautiful Redwood Valley, California. The new office, (which is about a 60 minute drive North of  Santa Rosa) has a long history of serving the people of Redwood Valley and Ukiah providing holistic and integrative medical services and has a lovely rural setting surrounded by vineyards.

For appointments: Call 707-485-6900

or email: redwoodclinic@gmail.com

For prescriptions and/or questions:

email Neil at rvc.drnathan@gmail.com

     This move has enabled me to spend more time at home with my beloved wife and pets and also has made it possible for me to devote more time to writing, teaching and research. The new book and video above are the first fruits of these endeavors. I do have some time available to take on a few new patients at the Redwood Valley Clinic. For those interested in becoming new patients, we will start with a phone consultation using the “Consultations” section of this website to let me know about your health concerns. This way we can both decide if we are the proper “fit” to work together and also to allow me to order the testing we may need that would make our first visit together more successful.

     This is all new and evolving, so please check this site for additional updates. I anticipate making this site more interactive, so look for new blogs, information, seminars, radio show postings, etc.

I hope to continue to be of service, and send my sincerest wishes for a healthy future.

Thank you,